Night of Broken Glass

In German, it is referred to as Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass is usually refer to the night which was a pogrom against the Jews of Germany in 1938 by the German paramilitary forces and the participation of some German civilians. German authorities were aware of what was happening but did nothing to interfere. In that night, windows of stores, building and houses owned by Jewish were smashed littering the streets. Even synagogues, hospitals and schools were smashed that night.

The number of fatalities is not known for certain, Jewish reported that 91 Jews have died that night during the pogrom. Today, according to some scholar’s investigations the number seems to be much higher, as there were people that was murdered during that night, and people that died for post-arrest maltreatment. Taking into account a considerable number of people that has committed suicide since the Night of Broken Glass, the death toll climbs to hundreds.

Today, November 9th is commemorated in Germany. In the 75 anniversaries of the Night of Broken Glass, a lot of cities from Germany and other countries held a vigil with candles while listening to the memories from survivors. Angela Merkel declared that it was a humiliated event, the lowest point reached in German history.